You simply have to have live music at your wedding!

Nothing beats the atmosphere of live wedding music, and with an acoustic covers duo like Man Bites Dog you get all the fun and intimacy of a live music atmosphere, without the expense and full on loudness of a full band. 

If you are looking for live wedding music, live wedding bands or groups in Nottingham, Lincoln, Leicester, Derby or further afield, then have a look at our advice before you choose a live wedding acoustic duo for your wedding or wedding breakfast. 

When you chose a band for your wedding, above all get a band which plays the music you like. As an acoustic duo we play lots of weddings breakfasts, often warming up for the wedding disco, but we don’t play as many as we could if we played cheesy covers like ‘Mustang Sally’.

There is a reason for that – the couples which book us to play our indie covers at their wedding really love indie music. Yes we play Stones and Beatles, something for everyone, but we are true to our soul. Keep it that way, it’s your day! Here are a few tips from us to make the live wedding music go swimmingly…. 

Why have an acoustic duo at your wedding or event, rather than a full band?

A good acoustic duo is versatile enough to play mellow acoustic covers when the evening starts off, then build up the set to start off the dancing ready for your evening disco. Man Bites Dog acoustic weddings duo plays over 2 hours of fantastic covers, more than enough to keep all your guests entertained.

A duo is considerably less money than a full band, takes up far less space, and can be far less loud – something which your venue will really appreciate. Most importantly, a good acoustic duo will maintain a banter and charm with your guests, whether playing outside during the drinks reception, or as a pre disco warm up. There is no better way to add an atmosphere to your wedding which your guests will never forget.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right live acoustic music for your wedding or event in Nottingham, Newark, Lincolnshire, the East Midlands or further afield:

Tip 1 – go to a live gig when you choose your acoustic duo. Nothing gives a better indication of thw quality of the band, including banter and approachability. For our live gigs in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire and the East Midlands go to our gigs page

Tip 2 – Be nice to the band. They will love you back and give you more songs

Tip 3 – Give the band 30 minutes to set up and sound check . Bear in mind that sound check should only take 10 minutes. This will mean music will be at a good volume and all levels will be perfect.

Tip 4 – Try and make sure that the band can have about 15 minutes of break between their sets. This means guests can have a bit of a break from dancing allowing them time to have a bit of a chat, a rest and a drink. Most bands will supply recorded music between sets so if you don’t want to stop you won’t have to!

Tip 5 – Allow for the first set to follow the first dance. This will mean a crowd should already be gathered around the dance floor ready to leap on and strut their stuff for the first set.

Tip 6 – See if you can make sure the bar is close to the dance floor. This isn’t always possible but means that dancers never need to go far.

Tip 7 – Check whether the wedding venue has a sound limiter. While not all bands need to be loud. It sometimes helps with the atmosphere if a band can play at a good volume and a sound limiter can interfere with this.

Tip 8 – Give the band a few ideas regarding music but ultimately let them choose. Good bands will know what gets people going best.

Tip 9 – Does the band have lights and smoke machine? We do and they really add to the atmosphere

Tip 10 – Does the band offer a DJ option? We do and it can really help continuity and keeps costs down.

Good luck with choosing the right acoustic for your special wedding day.

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